By discussing on the forum, you are obliged to obey a few rules. Find out more about them here
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By ESGA_Eligos
Welcome to the ESGA forum! We want to build a friendly and helpful community where everyone can discuss any ESGA related issue. To make this possible, we need you to respect a few rules listed below.

    Be polite and respectful
    As we want this forum to be a friendly and helpful community for everyone, we need you to keep polite and respectful. Even if you disagree with someone on something, there is always a way to discuss the issue without breaking this rule.

    Check if your question has not been answered already
    Before you pose a question, make sure it has not already been answered. Use the “search” button and also check the F.A.Q. of the related topic.

    Make sure you put your post where it belongs to
    The forum has a clear structure in order to be lucid for everybody. It is therefore important to always stay on topic. If you want to discuss something unrelated, you are always welcome in the Off topic section. Although even there, think rather twice about whether the topic is suitable for the forum itself.

    Use English all the time
    In order to make this forum understandable for and accessible to anyone, it is obligatory for every member to speak English all the time. Please try to express yourself in a way that everyone else will be able to comprehend you. All posts in other languages will be deleted.

    Do not spam and flame
    We want every discussion to maintain a certain standard. If you therefore have a dispute over something, keep it polite and don’t abuse the others. Also, if the argument is going nowhere, there is no need to keep it going on. And if you provoke irrelevant disputes in order to create a flame war, you will no longer be welcome here.

    Do not advertise
    This forum is not supposed to be a free space for advertising. If you are convinced that your product or service could be helpful and interesting for the members, let know the admin team and we can sort something out. Any unauthorised links to other platforms or any other commercial services will be deleted and their authors will be punished.

    Do not share illegal software
    We understand the effort behind creating a game or an application and therefore, we are against any kind of software piracy. If you link to or upload a software which is not legal, we will have to delete the post and punish you. The same goes with any other media protected by copyright.

    Think twice before quoting
    It’s essential to keep the forum lucid for everyone. Keep that in mind especially when quoting. There is definitely no need to quote a previous post and also don’t quote your recent ones. Everyone will know what you are talking about and it’s pointless to have one text six times on a page.

By discussing on this forum, you agree to the above listed rules. Every infringement will be adequately punished. If you see any violation yourself, feel free to let us know.